Symposium VII – 2007, London, Canada

6 – 9 June, 2007
Wednesday, June 6

8:30 Registration
9:30 Welcome
9:45 General Session

1. “What is the Significance of Research for Music Education in Practice?”
Speaker: Frede V. Nielsen, Denmark
Respondent: Harold Fiske, Canada
Chair: Iris Yob, USA

10:45 Mid-Morning Break
11:00 Concurrent Sessions

2.1. “Oh That Magic Feeling: Multicultural Human Subjectivity, Community and Fascism’s Footprint”
Speaker: Deborah Bradley, USA
Respondent: Marja Heimonen, Finland
Chair: Lise Vaugeois

2.2. “Intersections: The Dialectic of the Enlightenment and Music Education”
Speaker: Ted Love, USA
Respondent: Paul Louth, Canada
Chair: Jill Ball, Canada

12:00 Lunch Break
1:30 Concurrent Sessions

3. 1 “Unconscious Apprehension of Metapatterns Expressed Consciously through Musical Form”
Speaker: Anthony J. Palmer, USA
Respondent: Iris Yob, USA
Chair: Mary Reichling, USA

3.2 “Critique and the Curriculum”
Speaker: Mark Whale, Canada
Respondent: Stephanie Horsley, Canada
Chair: Marian Archibald, Canada

2:30 Afternoon Break
3:00 General Session

4. “Music Education Desire(ing): Language, Literacy, and Lieder”
Speaker: Elizabeth Gould, Canada
Respondent: Patrick Schmidt, USA
Chair: Estelle R. Jorgensen, USA

4:00 Concert and Dialogue
“Reconciliation: Reconstructing and Mediating Societal Norms of Masculinity”
Carol Beynon & Ken Fleet (UWO), & Primus Men’s Ensemble, London, Canada

4:30 Meet and Greet

Thursday, June 7

9:00 Concurrent Sessions

5.1. “Limits to Transformation: Habitus, Doxa and the Band Tradition”
Speaker: Melissa Natale Abramo, USA
Respondent: Janice Waldron, Canada
Chair: Frederik Pio, Denmark

5.2 “The Art of the Game: Music Education and Social Justice”
Speaker: Julian Humphreys, Canada
Respondent: Randall Allsup, USA
Chair: Marian Archibald, Canada

10:00 Mid-Morning Break
10:30 General Session

6. “The Concept of Bildung and Postgraduate Courses in Music Education”
Speaker: Øivind Varkøy, Norway
Respondent: Frederik Pio, Denmark
Chair: Werner Jank, Germany

11:30 Lunch Break
1:30 Concurrent Sessions

7.1. “The Broadening of the ‘Third Environment’: The Music Festival as an Arena for Musical Learning”
Speaker: Sidsel Karlsen, Sweden
Respondent: John Kratus, USA
Chair: Ketil Thorgersen, Sweden

7.2. “Music, Spirituality and Education”

Speaker: David Carr, UK
Respondent: Ann Stokes, USA
Chair: Susan Quindag, USA

2:30 Afternoon Break
3:00 General Session

8. “Pipe Dreams, Ideals and Transformation in Music Education”
Speaker: Frank Heuser, USA
Respondent: Cathy Benedict, USA
Chair: Øivind Varkøy, Norway

4:00 Break
4:15 Report on the Joint ISME-ISPME Session 2006 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and the

ISPME-ISME North American Regional Forum
Report Author: Kari Veblen, Canada
Reader: Patrick Schmidt, USA
Forum Panel: Elizabeth Gould, Canada; Frank Heuser, USA; and Paul Woodford, Canada
Moderator: Patrick Schmidt, USA

Friday, June 8

9:00 Concurrent Sessions

9. 1 “Thinking about Music Education Phenomenologically”
Speaker: Karen Snell, Canada
Respondent: Lise Vaugeois, Canada
Chair: Elizabeth Gould, Canada

9.2 “Aesthetic Communication in Music Education and Students’ Awareness”
Speakers: Cecilia Ferm and Ketil Thorgersen, Sweden
Respondent: Mary Reichling, USA
Chair: Betty Anne Younker, USA

10:00 Mid-Morning Break
10:30 Concurrent Sessions
10.1. “Rumble in the Jungle: Context and Music Education”

Speaker: Roger Mantie, Canada
Respondent: Werner Jank, Germany
Chair: Cathy Benedict, USA

10.2. “The National Standards for Art Education”
Speaker: David Stevenson, USA
Respondent: Susan Quindag, USA
Chair: Joseph Abramo, USA

11:30 Lunch Break
1:30 Concurrent Sessions

11.1. “The Being in Music and in Self: Towards a Philosophy of Music Therapy”

Speaker: Teresa Lesiuk, USA
Respondent: Stephen Zdzinski, USA
Chair: Deanne Bogdan, Canada

12.2 “Educational Quality in Higher Education: Why Bother?”
Author: Geir Johansen, Norway
Reader: Cecilia Ferm, Sweden
Respondent: Nico Schuler, USA
Chair: Harold Fiske, Canada

2:30 Afternoon Break
3:00 – 4:30 Keynote Address

12. “Musical Hunger: A Philosophical Testimonial of Miseducation”
Keynote Speaker: Susan Laird, USA
Respondents: Estelle R. Jorgensen, USA
Heidi Westerlund, Finland
Chair: Charlene Morton, Canada

7:00 Banquet

Rapporteur: J. Terry Gates, USA

Saturday, June 9

9:00 Closing Address

Paul Woodford, Conference Chair, Canada

9:30 ISPME Membership Meeting
11:00 Program Concludes

Optional Afternoon Excursions


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