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Minutes of the business meeting of the ISPME held at the 8th Symposium June 9-13, 2010, Helsinki, Finland

Meeting was called to order at 9:05 am

Attending: Heidi Westerlund (Finland), Randall Allsup (USA), Werner Jank (Germany), Lauri Väkevä (Finland), Estelle Jorgensen (USA), Iris Yob (USA), Patrick Freer (USA), Panagiotis Kanellopoulos (Greece), Roger Mantie (USA), Suvarnalata Rao (India), Minette Mans (Namimbia), Lise Vaugeois (Canada), Patrick Schmidt (USA), Cathy Benedict (USA), Elizabeth Gould (Canada), Johan Nyberg (Sweden), Cecilia Ferm-Thorgersen (Sweden), Deborah Bradley (USA), Hanna Nikkanen (Finland), David Hebert (USA), Roberta Lamb (Canada), Ketil Thorgersen (Sweden), Øivind Varkøy (Norway), Christiane Rolle (Germany), Leonard Tan (USA), Mary Reichling (USA), N. Carlotta Parr (USA), Elisabeth Marla van Heesch-Orgass (Germany), Stefan Orgass (Germany), Carmen Ramirez Hurtado (Spain), Guillermo Rosabal-Coto (Costa Rica), Marja Heimonen (Finland)

1. Heidi Westerlund introduced agenda

  1. Budget details
  1. Introduction of proposed slate of in-coming Executive Committee:
      1. Cathy Benedict and Panagiotis Kannellopoulos, Co-Chairs
      2. Cathy Benedict, Site Coordinator
      3. Patrick Schmidt and Elizabeth Gould, Program Co-Chairs
      4. Recording Secretary – to be filled
      5. Randall Allsup, Treasurer
    1. Action: Lise Vaugeouis introduced Motion to accept slate; Randall Allsup second; motion carried
  1. New York City was confirmed as site of 9th Symposium
    1. Werner Jank spoke about holding 10th symposium in Frankfurt
    1. Action: Lauri Väkevä introduced Motion to hold 10th symposium in Frankfurt; Patrick Schmidt second; motion carried
    1. General discussion about whether symposia should be held every 2 or 3 years
    1. Action: Patrick Schmidt introduced Motion to hold 9th Symposium in 2013; Lise Vaugeois second; motion carried (one abstention)
  1. General discussion about the ISPME website
    1. Previous website cannot be deleted
    2. Sibelius Academy will continue to house current website until January 1, 2011
    3. Need for permanent website location
    4. Must “future-proof” website to make it sustainable and functional between conferences; should include public portion, and member only portion

5.1 Volunteers for Action Committee, (Ketil Thorgersen, Interim Website Coordinator, Cathy Benedict and Lauri Väkevä, members) will research website options.

6. General discussion about membership and benefits

6.1 Marja Heimonen presented information about cost of Philosophy of Music Education Review subscription discounted for ISPME members:

Print: USD$27.60 (savings of $4.90)

Electronic: USD$24.85 (savings of $4.60)

Both: USD$30.40 (savings of $5.35)

6.2 General discussion followed regarding membership costs, association of PMER with membership, length of membership term (2 years), associated bookkeeping costs, reduced fees

6.3 Estelle Jorgensen reported that Indiana University Press and the Jacobs School of Music are the current owners of the journal, with Estelle as Editor; and that with PMER linked in some way to ISPME membership, ISPME can state that PMER is its official journal

6.4 Action: Patrick Schmidt introduced Motion to activate ISPME membership linked to PMER, establish a group to evaluate details of this with the goal of beginning membership January 1, 2011; Roberta Lamb second; motion carried.

  1. Establishing an International Review Board for 9th Symposium was discussed and generally agreed upon.
  1. Papers from 8th symposium should be submitted as soon as possible for consideration to be published in PMER. The Finnish Journal of Music Education welcomes submissions of papers as well.
  1. Other business
    1. Suvarnalata Rao discussed the problem of so few Asian voices, suggesting that it might be useful to step outside of the “compartmentalization” of professions and look to musicology.

9.2 Carmen Ramirez Hurtado suggested mentorship programme to increase diversity

9.3 As book review editor of PMER, Mary Reichling solicited contributions.

Meeting adjourned at 11:50 am

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