Frankfurt am Main, Germany
June 3-6, 2015

Keynote Speakers

At the conference in Frankfurt am Main (Germany) 2015 we will celebrate the 10th conference of ISPME since its foundation in 1990. It is a great honor that Estelle R. Jorgensen will give an introductory address. Dr. Jorgensen is Professor Emeritus for Music Education at Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana (U.S.A.), and she is founding co-chair of ISPME. She will give a speech reflecting on the history of the philosophy of music education over the recent past decades.

Meinert A. Meyer

Professor Emeritus of Allgemeine Didaktik, University of Hamburg, Germany; among other topics, his research is focused mainly on the theory and history of “Bildung” and on School Research. (Main keynote, approved)

Lauri Väkevä

Professor of Music Education at the Sibelius Academy, University of Arts Helsinki, Finland; approved.

Elizabeth Gould

Professor of Music Education, University of Toronto, Canada; approved.

Hermann J. Kaiser

Professor Emeritus of Music Education, University of Hamburg; approved.


Wednesday, June 03

Arrival and registration; meeting and greeting – Foyer
Opening of the Symposium
Kleiner Saal
Cecilia Ferm-Thorgersen
Werner Jank
President of the University of Music and Performing Arts Frankfurt am Main:
Thomas Rietschel
Main Keynote
Kleiner Saal
Meinert A. Meyer (Hamburg, GER):
Harmony or Freedom of Choice? On General Didactics and Music Didactics from the Bildung perspective

Chair: Werner Jank
Musical welcome
Kleiner Saal
Laura Feth, Marie Euler, Theresa Winterer, Alexander Keidel, Benedikt Fox (music teaching students)

  • Chilli con Carne (Anders Edenroth)
  • True Colors (Billy Steinberg/Tom Kelly, arr.: Tomaž Kozlevčar, Benedikt Fox)
  • She only ever walks (Alt-J, arr.: Laura Feth)
  • Down to the River to Pray (trad., arr.: Philip Lawson, Alexander Keidel)
  • Viva la Vida (Coldplay, arr.: Jens Johansen, Alexander Keidel)
  • Words (Anders Edenroth)
Ca. 19:15
Reception (catering, wine etc.)

Thursday, June 04

Kleiner Saal
Ketil Thorgersen:
Elizabeth Gould (Toronto, CAN):
When Words Fail: Deleuze Singing

Chair: Cecilia Ferm-Thorgersen
Concurrent Sessions 1
Kleiner Saal
Ketil Thorgersen:
Music Education as Manipulation – A Proposal for Playing
Respondent: Lauren Kapalka Richerme
Concurrent Sessions 2
A 207
Inka Neus:
Singing for Quality of Life in School?
Does the question about the connection between music making and quality of life concern music education? A critical approach

Respondent: Mark Whale
Concurrent Sessions 3
A 208
Hyun Höchsmann:
A Polyphonic Conception of Philosophy of Music Education In Bloch and Adorno
Respondent: Werner Jank
Coffee break
Panel 1:
Kleiner Saal
Patrick Schmidt, Cecilia Björck, Albi Odendaal, Elizabeth Gould, Betty Anne Younker:
Cultural Policy and Philosophical Thinking: Actualizing Social and Conceptual Visions
Lunch break
Concurrent Sessions 4
Kleiner Saal
Antía González Ben:
Here is the Other, Coming / Come In: A Reflection on the Limits of Self and Other in Contemporary Music Education in Spain
Respondent: Ketil Thorgersen
Concurrent Sessions 5
A 207
Rebecca M. Rinsema:
Praxialism and ‘Just Listening’ in a Postperformance World
Respondent: Eva Georgii-Hemming
Concurrent Sessions 6
A 208
William Perrine:
Bauchman v. West High School Revisited: Religious Text and Context in Music Education
Respondent: Christoph Stange
Coffee break
15:30 – 17:00
Panel 2:
Kleiner Saal
Cathy Benedict, Cecilia Ferm-Thorgersen, Panos Kanellopoulos, Øivind Varkøy:
Hannah Arendt: Finding the Unexpectedness across Time and Space
Concurrent Sessions 7
Kleiner Saal
Hanna M. Nikkanen, Heidi Westerlund:
Reconsidering the Educational Value of Music in School Rituals
Respondent: Christian Rolle
Concurrent Sessions 8
A 207
Maria B. Spychiger:
Teaching toward the Promotion of Students´ Musical Self-Concept: A Psychological Approach to the Philosophy of Music Education
Respondent: Rebecca M. Rinsema
Concurrent Sessions 9
A 208
Lia Lonnert:
Intuition, Teaching and Musical Performance
Respondent: Betty Anne Younker
Concurrent Sessions 10
Kleiner Saal
Roger Mantie, Mark Whale:
A Conversation on Musical Attentiveness and the Lim-its of Inclusivity
Respondent: Lauri Väkevä
Concurrent Sessions 11
A 207
Peter Falthin:
Death by Definition – More on the Oxymoron Moron Proxy
Respondent: Stefan Orgass
Concurrent Sessions 12
A 208
Alexandra Kertz-Welzel:
Daring to Question: A Philosophical Critique of Community Music
Respondent: Antía González Ben

Friday, June 05

Kleiner Saal
Hermann J. Kaiser (Hamburg, GER)
Steps towards a Theory of Music-related Teaching

Chair: Christian Rolle
Concurrent Sessions 13
Kleiner Saal
Iris Yob:
School as Sacred Time
Respondent: Cathy Benedict
Concurrent Sessions 14
A 207
Stefan Orgass:
Considering the “Non-Identical” (Adorno) as a Problem of Generating a System of Scientific Music Pedagogy
Respondent: Olle Zandén
Concurrent Sessions 15
A 208
Lauren Kapalka Richerme
When is Music Education? A Poststructuralist Inquiry
Respondent: Elin Angelo
Coffee break
Panel 3:
Kleiner Saal
Eva Georgii-Hemming, Elin Angelo, Christian Rolle, Stefan Gies, Øivind Varkøy:
The Impact of Academization on Higher Music Education and the Music Profession
Lunch break
Concurrent Sessions 16
Kleiner Saal
Mary J. Reichling:
The Sonorous Image
Respondent: Roger Mantie / Mark Whale
Concurrent Sessions 17
A 207
Judy Lewis:
Living in Metaphor: Roland Barthes and Phantasmic Teaching in Music Education
Respondent: Hanne Fossum
Coffee break
Concurrent Sessions 18
Kleiner Saal
Randall Allsup:
Looking, Longing for Moral Openings
Respondent: Catharina Christophersen
Concurrent Sessions 19
A 207
Tony Valberg:
Being With
Respondent: Deborah Bradley
Concurrent Sessions 20
A 208
Baisheng Dai:
Inspirations of Confucian Musical Thought On Contemporary Music Educa-tion
Respondent: June Boyce-Tillman
Concurrent Sessions 21
Kleiner Saal
Cecilia Ferm-Thorgersen, Susanna Leijonhufvud:
The Music Teacher in the Nexus of Art Origin
Respondent: Lars Oberhaus
Concurrent Sessions 22
A 207
Chiao-Wei Liu
Music Education as Happy Object … or Cruel Promise?
Respondent: Øivind Varkøy
Concurrent Sessions 23
A 208
Maria Wassrin
Creating a Public Sphere in Preschool through Musicking
Respondent: Panos Kanellopoulos
Ceremony of 10th ISPME conference
Kleiner Saal
Estelle R. Jorgensen
(Richard W. Riley College of Education and Leadership at Walden University)
A Short History of ISPME
Chair: Randall Allsup
Kleiner Saal
Prof. Axel Gremmelspacher, Prof. Eike Wernhard (Piano):
Igor Strawinsky: Three Easy Pieces (1915), Five Easy Pieces (1917) for Piano for Four Hands
Three Easy Pieces:

  1. March
  2. Waltz
  3. Polka
Five Easy Pieces:

  1. Andante
  2. Española
  3. Balalaika
  4. Napolitana
  5. Galop

Address: Prof. Dr. Alexander Lorz, Hessian Minister for Education and Schools

Conference dinner

Saturday, June 06

Kleiner Saal
Lauri Väkevä (Helsinki, FIN)
The Ignorant Musicmaster. What every Music Educator should (not) Know

Chair: Joseph Abramo
Concurrent Sessions 24
Kleiner Saal
Hanne Fossum
Øivind Varkøy
Inger Anne Westby:
The Act of Choosing in Music Education – Discussed in Relation to Aristotle’s Ideas about the Functions of Music and Kierkegaard’s Theory of Stages on the Life’s Way
Respondent: Bernhard Weber
Concurrent Sessions 25
A 207
Theocharis Raptis:
Music Education as Forms “to be”, “to have” and “to reflect about” the Human Body: The Contribution of Helmuth Plessner’s Philosophical Anthropology
Respondent: Cecilia Ferm-Thorgersen
Concurrent Sessions 26
A 208
June Boyce-Tillman:
Gather them in – Music and Inclusion
Respondent: Iris Yob
Coffee break
11:15 – 12:45
Panel 4:
Kleiner Saal
Alexandra Kertz-Welzel, Frank Heuser, Øivind Varkøy:
Interrogating Kitsch: The Legends, Myths and Lies Justifying Music Education
13:00 – 14:30
ISPME Member Assembly
Kleiner Saal

Main Conference Registration fees

2015 June 3rd 04:00 pm – June 6th, 1:00 pm (tentative schedule)

Early Bird Price After March 1st
Student $ 60,00 70,00
Non-student $ 120,00 $ 150,00
Conference Dinner (optional) $ 40,00


We urge all participants of both the main and the pre-conference to register latest to May 20th, 2015 (although registration at the beginning of the conference on June 3rd will be possible). That makes planning of rooms and equipment, of catering, and of printing materials much easier.
Further information on accommodation, travel etc will be available soon at this website and at the website of the hosting university.

If there are any questions concerning the upcoming conference 2015, do not hesitate to contact Werner (; +49 6251 9892437) or Cecilia (

Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Frankfurt am Main is well known as a financial center of the European Community and its airport connects Central Europe with destinations all over the world. On the other hand Frankfurt, the city where Johann Wolfgang von Goethe was born, is an important cultural center as well.

Music is a prominent feature on Frankfurt’s cultural scene. The internationally renowned Ensemble Modern has close ties with the city, as does great jazz or the electronic music scene represented by Sven Väth, one of the world’s most popular DJs and techno producers. The Oper Frankfurt is one of the leading opera houses in Europe and has received the Opera of the Year Award several times, most recently in 2013.

Frankfurt am Main offers theater in all its diversity at around 20 stages putting on over 100 performances a week, including an English Theater. The famous Forsythe Company give regular guest performances at the Bockenheimer Depot, wowing their audience with contemporary dance. The Künstlerhaus Mousonturm (Mousonturm Arts’ Centre) is a performance, production and theater-research facility of international standing. Here, independent artists of all genres are shaping the theater of tomorrow.

The University of Frankfurt am Main was the domain of the Frankfurt School of Philosophy. Theodor W. Adorno and Jürgen Habermas were professors there. Currently, the Max-Planck-Society, which is the most important research institution in Germany, is about to establish an Institute of Empiric Research in Aesthetics located in Frankfurt am Main.

At the University of Music and Performing Arts Frankfurt am Main about 1000 students are enrolled in a diversity of programs such as artistic instrumental and singing programs, opera, drama, dance and dance pedagogy, arts management, teacher programs, and research. Like in most music colleges at the academic level in Germany the focus is centered on the artistic programs. Nevertheless the music teacher’s program is an important part of the university. About 230 teacher students are part of these programs covering all levels of music education in schools from grade 1 up to 13.

Pre-conference for PhD-students

in connection to ISPME 10th Symposium in Frankfurt am Main , Germany
June 1-3, 2015

The Function and Meaning of Philosophical Studies on Music Education

The third graduate student pre-conference (2015, June 1-3) will give current PhD-students the opportunity to discuss their work and its topics with an international array of professors of Music Education. Participants are requested to register to April 1st, 2015. There will be space to present and discuss short papers, if wanted. In this case, please submit your paper due to May 1st, 2015 to Volker Schindel (University of Music and Performing Arts Frankfurt am Main):

The conference will focus on philosophical studies and their function, meaning and task for music education in today’s society. Lectures will be held by an international array of scholars who are participating in the main conference. Participating PhD-students will have the opportunity to present their work to their peers and professors for reflection and discussion and to receive individual advisement. At the main conference PhD-students will be offered the opportunity to present their work at a specified poster session.

Talks will be held by

Joe Abramo (University of Connecticut, Neag School of Education, Storrs, CT, US)
Randall Allsup (Teachers College, Columbia University, New York, US)
Cecilia Ferm-Thorgersen (Luleå University of Technology – LTU, Sweden)
Werner Jank (University of Music and Performing Arts Frankfurt am Main, Germany)
Christian Rolle (University of Music, Saarbrücken, Germany)
Maria Spychiger (University of Music and Performing Arts Frankfurt am Main, Germany)
Eva Georgii-Hemming (Örebro University, Sweden)

Pre-Conference Registration fee
(Lunch on Tuesday the 2nd of June is included)


$ 35,00

For both pre-conference and main conference:

$ 85,00

Registration date:

Wednesday 15th of April, 2015

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If you have any question about ISPME.

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